The Mighty Fitzroy River discovered in 1873 by George Grey in the HMS Beagie and named after the former commander of the ship Captain Robert Fitzroy R.N.


The river ises in the King Leopold and Meuller Ranges and it flowes through ruggered hills and plains for a distance of 750 kms before discharging into King Sound, south of Derby. It has a catchment area of 90,000 square kms of which half is above Fitzroy Crossing.

In the wet seasons it can rise 13 metres above the old concrete crossing and has an estimated flow rate of 30,000 cubic metres per second. The only means of access to the Inn during these times is by boat.

The local people spend many hours of leisure fishing for the elusive and prized Barramundi and Cherabin (fresh water prawns). The Fitzroy River is truly the life force for this community.